Intel Controller Card AXXRMS2LL040 Integrated RAID Module 4-Ports 7pin

Intel Controller Card AXXRMS2LL040 Integrated RAID Module 4-Ports 7pin
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Product Overview:

Ideal for servers and workstations needing high-speed data transfer within a small hardware footprint, the Intel RAID Module RMS2LL040 delivers a 1U capable design with high-throughput for internal storage applications.

This RAID controller provides SAS capability that allows compatibility with 6Gb/s and 3Gb/s SAS and SATA hard drives, and SAS expander devices.

While many other SAS controllers drive large RAID software stacks between the host CPU and controller, the RMS2LL040 utilizes the embedded CPU in the LSI 2008 ASIC to perform RAID. 0 ,1, and 1E/10 operations.

With the reduction in RAID overhead, the RMS2LL040 offers superior internal READ/WRITE performance.

ALL Intel RAID solutions are validated across multiple platforms with Intel boardsm, chassis, and systems. Custom training, as well as Intel service and support, make Intel the one source for customers seeking data protection, increased productivity, and simplified IT.

KEY Advantages:

System design flexibility.

1U capable SAS RAID module connectors to the I/O expansion slot availabel on most Intel server board. This module can be used in Intel and 3rd party chassis without the need for a riser card or low profile cutout.

Cost Efective Data Protection.

Provides a low-cost RAID 0, 1, abd 1E solution for entry-level server and workstation environments where high-performance and reliable data protection are required.

SAS or SATA Storage.

Connect SAS or SATA decices within the array. Use SAS drives for speed, reliability and scalability; use high capacity SATA drives for budgetpfriendly storage.
Intel Order Code
Compatible Intel Server Boards and Systems
Intel Server Board S5520UR
Intel Server Board S5500WB
Intel Server Board S5520HC
Intel Server Board S5520SC
Intel Server Board S3420GP
Intel Server Systems and 3rd party systems based on teh above server boards
Data Protection Feature Highlights
Distributed Sparing
Hot Spare Support
Expander Support
Background Consistency Checking
Enclosure Management
S.M.A.R.T Support
RAID support before operating system loaded
Intel RAID Software
Intel RAID Web Console 2
Intel RAID Command Line Tool
Intel RAID Flash Utilities
I/O Processor
LSI SAS2008 Controller
Drive Types
SAS 6Gb/s, SAS 3Gb/s or SATA 3Gb/s
Maximum Devices/Drives
Non-RAID : 256
Intergrated RAID (IR) : 14 spread across 2 volumnes
RAID 0 : 10 per volume
RAID 1 : 2 per volume plus hotspare
RAID 1E : 10 per volume
RAID 10 : 10 per volume
Four 7-pin SAS/SATA
PCI Interface
x4 PCI Express 2.0
Form Factor
1U Capable System Board
Data Transfer Rates
Up to 6Gb/s per port
Operating Voltage
+12V +/-%10
Intel 3-year Limited