Intel Controller Card RES2SV240 24Port SAS 6Gb/s PCI-E x8 512MB MD2 Re

Intel Controller Card RES2SV240 24Port SAS 6Gb/s PCI-E x8 512MB MD2 Re
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As the perfect complement for Intel’s SAS-2 generation RAID cards, this twenty-four port expander card offers ultimate flexibility for architecting a high drive count (greater than 8 drive) storage solution in any sized system. The low profile height enables simple installation into a 1U or 2U system with a low profile chassis cutout. In addition, the MD2-compliant depth (6.6”) fits in motherboards with heat-sinks that would interfere with longer add-in cards. In cases where an add-in slot is not available, the Intel® RAID Expander Card RES2SV240 can even be mounted to a chassis wall or air-duct.

Features and benefits

Low-cost alternative to high port count RAID cards

Provides a more economic solution that is similar to a 16 or 20 high port count card, but has more flexibility as the RES2SV240 can be teamed up with a wide variety of 4 or 8 port SAS RAID card/modules to offer features that are best suited to customer needs.

Inside-the-box design flexibility

With a true MD2 form factor, this expander card is ideal for low-profile height and half-length adapter slots. In addition, the card design allows for mounting on chassis walls or ducting. Power can be obtained either from a PCIe slot or a power cable.

Excellent performance

Overall performance of the RES2SV240 is on par with Intel’s SAS-2 high port count RAID with transfer rates of up to 6Gb/s per port. While today’s high port count RAID cards typically include an expander on the card, a RES2SV240-based solution separates the expander from the RAID card for more system design flexibility.

Compatible with Intel’s current and future RAID products

Connect any of Intel’s current SAS-2 RAID products now, and upgrade with Intel’s forthcoming second generation SAS-2 cards in 2011. (Future products are subject to feature and schedule changes).

Embedded Processor
LSI LSISAS2x24 24-Port Serial Atached SCSI/SATA Expander chip
Intel RAID Controllers (SAS-2)
Intel Integrated RAID Modules (SAS-2)
RAD or non-RAID mode
2.5inch and 3.5inch SAS or SATA drives
Drives of mixed capacity
Non disk devices including expanders
24 total sub-divided into 6 quad port via 8087 (Mini-SAS) connectors
8MB in an updateable flash ROM
Enclosure Management
Operating Temperature
Maximum ambient: 50oC (45oC with optional BBU)
Operating Voltage
3.3 V
Cables Included
Six with 8087 (Mini-SAS) to 8087 (Mini-SAS) connectors (2 short and 4 long)
Limited 3 Years