SPI Power Supply SPI300T8AB-B204 300W TFX 20 + 4Pin 8cm Ball-bearing F

SPI Power Supply SPI300T8AB-B204 300W TFX 20 + 4Pin 8cm Ball-bearing F
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Manufacturer:Sparkle Power Inc.

1. • Complied with TFX12V standard

2. • Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) meet EN61000-3-2

3. • High efficiency and reliability

4. • Compatible with European Union Directive 2002/95/EC(Restriction on Hazardous Substances).

5. • Remote ON/OFF function

6. • Internal 12V DC fan included

7. • Noise Killer (thermal fan speed control function)

8. • Low noise and ripple

9. • Output over voltage, short circuit, and over current protection

10. • 100% Hi-pot, ATE, and burn-in tested

11. • Re-settable power shut down

12. • Complies with FCC part 15 subpart J class B 115Vac operation,and CISPR 22 class B at 230Vac operation

13. • Approved by CUL/UL60950-1, FIMKO EN60950-1, TUV EN60950-1 (CB Report), CE
Output Voltage/ Minimum Load/ Normal Load /Maximum Load/ Load Reg./ Ripple Noise:
+3.3V/ 0.1A/ 10.5A/ 21A/ +/- 5%/ 50mV P-P
+5V/ 0.2A/ 7.5A/ 15A/ +/- 5%/ 50mV P-P
+12V1/ 0.1A/ 5.5A/ 13A/ +/- 5%/ 120mV P-P
+12V1/ 0.1A/ 5.5A/ 13A/ +/- 5%/ 120mV P-P
+12V2/ 0.5A/ 4.0A/ 13A/ +/- 5%/ 120mV P-P
-12V/ 0.0A/ 0.15A/ 0.3A/ +/- 10%/ 120mV P-P
+5Vsb/ 0.0A/ 1.0A/ 2.0A/ +/- 5%/ 50mV P-P
Input Characteristics:
Input Range:
90 264Vac (RMS), Full Range Input
47 63Hz
Input Current:
Max 4A (RMS) 115Vac,2A (RMS) 230Vac
Inrush Current:
No damage
Dielectric Withstand:
Primary frame ground 1800V AC for 1 second

82% minimum

Rise time:
Less than 20ms

Hold-up Time:
16ms minimum at nominal input voltage
Power Good Signal:
Power on delay time 100 500ms, off delay 1ms minimum (TTL and CMOS compatible)

Leakage Current:
Less than 3.5mA .

100,000 hours on maximum load at +25C

Dimensions (LxWxH):
175x85x70mm / 6.9x3.4x2.8inch

3.0 lb

Warranty Information:
1 Year